The supply system on site, as well as the different pumps for transporting the material to the printing nozzle, allow the design and execution of everything necessary to carry out the project directly on site: printing of enclosures, slabs, coatings, and so on. This link between design and on-site manufacturing has allowed:

✓ To reduce of external storage costs.
✓ To optimise the use of materials and thus reducing production costs.


One of the main improvements of the EvoConstructor® system is its printing speed. Thanks to its multiple extruder with 3 tangential nozzles, the printing head is capable of creating the complete section of a wall in a single pass: inner sheet, intermediate sheet, thermal-acoustic insulation and outer sheet.

✓ Lead-time reduction.
✓ Design and wall section customized.


The robotic structure has been designed according to criteria of accessibility, transport and handling, so its the installation requires only 8 work hours. The gantry structure is fixed to the floor and the sliding vertical column is installed perpendicular to the Y axis.

✓ High rigidity structure.
✓ Assembly and Disassembly in a working day.


The gantry robot is based on modular systems which reach up to 18 m length, it allows its adaptation in extension and height to any type of project. Furthermore, each module has 3 metres high, it being able to climb autonomously on the printed concrete wall previously created, allowing its displacement and construction in height:

EvoConstructor® can build large-scale constructions.
✓ The modular system can be configured exactly to each project.

Entrevista a Daniel Lorenzo Pellico, CEO de EVOCONS en RedCide

Entrevista a Daniel Lorenzo Pellico, CEO de Evocons en Redcide

¿Qué logros más importantes has conseguido?
Actualmente contamos con un prototipo de nuestra solución que nos va a permitir validar el sistema durante el primer semestre de 2020 y esperamos poder iniciar la comercialización durante el segundo semestre del próximo año.

¿Qué les ha aportado la Red CIDE?
La Red CIDE nos ha aportado el apoyo y la información necesaria para analizar las diferentes vías de financiación con las que nuestro proyecto de innovación podía contar. Gracias a ello, llegamos en plazo a solicitar la subvención EATIC del Gobierno de Canarias, la cual nos fue concedida posteriormente.

¿Qué diría a otros empresarios?
Es muy importante estar bien informados sobre los apoyos disponibles para llevar a cabo el proyecto de innovación que se pretenda y para eso la Red CIDE cuenta con unos profesionales magníficos y altamente cualificados.

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