How 3D printing could change the way our homes are built

From computer-generated modeling, to the use of electric vehicles on construction sites, the way buildings are created is changing.

One area that has generated a great deal of interest over the last few years is 3D printing. It’s a process that has already transformed how we produce everything from shoes and face masks to chairs and guitars.

When it comes to the built environment, a number of projects around the world have used the technology to rapidly develop interesting and innovative structures.

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The Truth About 3D Printing in Construction

3D printing offers big promises for construction. Will the innovation live up to the hype?

3D printing has been a big buzz term over the past decade–and for good reason. Though initially developed for product prototyping purposes, 3D printing technology has advanced to the point where it has emerged as a key player in a variety of industries.

While clearly, 3D printing technology has proven beneficial in the medical, aerospace, and tool-making arenas since its inception, there’s one other field that’s potentially poised to break out: the construction sector.

With 3D printers now capable of printing building walls and processing cement, the technology could help reshape construction as we know it. But is 3D printing in construction just a fleeting trend or does it have real staying power as a technology that can serve as a key long-term solution? Below, we’ll explore how 3D has been already making waves in construction and what the future looks like.

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